Peter & Yukti Engagement at San Francisco Botanical Garden

Peter & Yukti Engagement at San Francisco Botanical Garden

Love burns hotter than any weather you throw at us, SF! When Yukti and Peter met up with me at the San Francisco Botanical Garden in July (I know, it’s supposedly “summer time”), we were hit with an unexpected wave of fog and chills. They were a bit nervous about it at first, but I reassured them that this kind of weather is actually GOOD in terms of lighting. The fog helps block the harsh sunlight and acts as a soft box that diffuses the light!

Yukti and Peter just have this very elegant but fun vibe. I love the fact that they wore these bright colors that pop in these photos. The whole time we were just having fun — laughing, running around (trying to warm them up!), embracing each other (also for warmth too!).

This was the first time I had an engagement session inside the garden. I’ve had several sessions in the Golden Gate Park, but I’m so glad they chose to go inside the garden. The flowers, trees, grass, bushes, lakes, etc. were all groomed to perfection. The garden was so vast we barely covered more than half of it. I told them I could have spent all day wandering the nooks and crannies of this garden!

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