Paden & Naoko San Francisco City Hall & Sutro Baths Pre-Wedding

Paden & Naoko San Francisco City Hall & Sutro Baths Pre-Wedding

Nao and Paden’s pre-wedding photoshoot in San Francisco was a huge success, despite looming clouds and rain. We were so fortunate that San Francisco avoided the bay area rain that day! We were initially planning on holding the session at Filoli Gardens, but were thwarted due to the downpour. This was our Plan B – City Hall, Golden Gate Overlook, and Sutro Baths at Land’s End.

Nao wore a beautiful wedding dress for San Francisco City Hall. She had wanted to capture a princess-like scene, so the dress she wore and the stunning architectural beauty of City Hall made the perfect complement. We spent a good two hours there, capturing both the love between the couple and the grandness of City Hall.

From there, we drove to the Golden Gate Overlook, where we quickly snapped a few photos and moved on to the Sutro Baths at Land’s End. With the dramatic clouds over us, I thought the sunset was going to be crazy, but it turned out to be pretty mellow. However, the mellow sunset provided us with a very nice, soft light! The clouds above us also framed the photos really beautifully.

Paden and Nao, thank you both for being so wonderful to work with. I love the photos from our session, and I hope you will cherish them forever too! See you at your wedding!

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