Jesse & Konnie
San Francisco City Hall


The love story between these two is truly a fairy tale in real life. Having gone through many years of long distance and life stage changes, they strengthened their relationship with every obstacle. Finally, the day has come…

If you know me well, you probably know who these two are! If not, let me introduce. I met Jesse a decade ago (whoa, didn’t even plan to post this on our 10th friendsary) as floor mates in the APATH in Berkeley. We were both spring admits, so we bonded through the classes we had together, and through all the shenanigans of our little group. Konnie and Jesse have been going strong for 10+ years! Most of our friends who met him in college didn’t even know he had a girlfriend… we all just thought the photos of Konnie he’d hung on his dorm walls were just a result of him starstruck by some famous Taiwanese actress.

Anyhow, I’m very happy to have seen these two grow and mature to where they are today. And especially happy to have been able to capture their SF City Hall paper signing day. <3

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