8 Engagement Photo Tips For Couples

8 Engagement Photo Tips For Couples

Most of my couples have never had a professional photo shoot before. When it’s time for their photo shoot, I would always give them tips on how to make the most out of their engagement session. My goal is to teach them how to create beautiful photos, and more importantly, how to have fun in front of the camera! Below are 8 tips for you as you prepare for your first professional photo shoot!

1. Wear something Comfortable – You want to look good, but make sure you have something that is comfy too. You may want beautiful heels, but you should bring a set of comfy shoes to walk in. You may want to wear a dress, but bring a coat to keep yourself warm when we’re not taking pictures!
2. Select outfits without distracting patterns – I always recommend solid, muted colors. If you want to rock a bright red dress, be my guest! We can make it work. But I would avoid things with too many patterns. Think about where you will be taking photos. If you are taking photos in a foresty area, you shouldn’t wear a dark outfit because you will blend into the background!
3. Make a date out of it – Plan the day around the engagement shoot – have an easy lunch meal, plan a nice dinner, etc. Make the engagement shoot part of a day long date!
4. Steam/Iron your clothing ahead of time – Hang your clothes in the car. The last thing you want is to show up in wrinkly clothes.
5. Stay hydrated and fed – Hangry people are unpleasant people! Bring snacks and lots of water. Leave them in the car when you don’t need them. A photo shoot is very active, so stay hydrated to keep the energy level up!
6. Bring multiple outfits – Something nice, and something casual to show who you really are! (If time permits) Different outfits can fit in better with different locations.
7. Bring props or things that are special to you both!
8. Last but not least, enjoy the photo shoot! It’s a great way to break the ice, learn how to work those smiles in front of the camera, and be models by the time the wedding rolls around! Just have fun.

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