Frank & Shinny’s Wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill

Frank & Shinny’s Wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill

The Couple

Frank and Shinny are such an adorable couple. When we first went out for the engagement shoot, I saw the way Frank cared for Shinny, and I knew they were destined for each other. Their story is pretty simple — they went on a hike with friends, and they immediately bonded in their first encounter. Shinny was wondering if Frank would ever text her afterwards, and surely, he did! Shinny actually almost did not go to the hike, but her last minute decision to follow through forever changed her life!

The Beautiful Wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill

On my drive from San Jose to Pleasanton, I passed by some gorgeous homes near Ruby Hill Winery. I thought to myself, this would make great lodging for the nights around the wedding! When I arrived at The Club, I was WOW’ed by the grandeur and the elegance of the venue. I was first received by a beautiful fountain in the front, where the videographers were flying a drone. Then I stepped through the door into the room where the reception would be held. The skylight cast a gorgeous glow to where Frank and Shinny would later stand during the ceremony.

The getting ready rooms were gorgeous! My favorite photos are the ones of Shinny with her wedding dress — the elegance is beyond this world. Whenever I look at those photos, I think of the things that must’ve been going through her mind — anticipation, nervousness, excitement! And lastly, the big oak tree is definitely the highlight of the venue. I loved doing the first look under the tree!

I’ve kept the photos brief, but I think they summarize the day very well!

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