The Most Gorgeous Tea Ceremony and Wedding at Boundary Oak Golf Course

The Most Gorgeous Tea Ceremony and Wedding at Boundary Oak Golf Course

I can’t even describe with words how touching and beautiful Philip and Angela’s wedding was! We had one of the longest yet most satisfying days helping this couple document and create art out of their wedding day (I think it was like 14 hours!!).

This auspicious day started early in the morning at Angela’s parents’ waterfront house, where the views and sounds of the water took your worries away. Angela was getting her final touches done in the house, but before we knew it, the boys arrived in their souped-up rides, with Philip leading the pack in his newly acquired GTR. The girls rushed out to the front door to guard the entrance!

The Chinese Tea Ceremony tradition is that the groom, along with his entourage of groomsmen, must pass through a series of tests to prove his love. For Philip, that meant singing a love song to Angela, drinking many different flavors of drinks (to symbolize his willingness to experience the different flavors of life with Angela), and various other fun(ny) games! Needless to say, we all had a blast watching him go through his trials.

After acing his tests, he passed out some red envelopes packed with moolah to the bridesmaids to squeeze his way in. Philip then takes Angela to his family for the tea ceremony (“Look, Ma! I brought home your daughter-in-law!”). Then the whole entourage returned to Angela’s place for the tea ceremony with her family members. Oh yeah, the tacos for lunch were bomb… and also the Thai desserts (my colleagues said I ate a lot, but I told them it was to fuel up for the long day :)).

When the tea ceremony was all done, it was only around 2pm. We drove over to the wedding venue (Boundary Oak) to start the western part of the wedding! We started with getting ready for the first look, in which Philip and Angela had to change to their suit & white dress. One of the most memorable things was that Boundary Oak allowed us (vendors & groom) to drive our own golf carts to the big oak tree for the first look! Philip and Angela enjoyed their quiet first look under the oak tree, and even exchanged their vows in private there — it was such a touching and sweet moment. They both lost a lot of water through their eyes, but I think our coordinator Rosie shed the most tears from afar.

The day was overcast, but that gave us the perfect soft light for the beautiful photos below. The rest of the day consisted of the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, group photos/portraits, and a spectacular reception! Congratulations to our photogenic couple and we wish them the HAPPIEST MARRIAGE EVER!

Shout out to our wonderful team of vendors who made this day possible:

Day of Coordinator: Fairytales on a Budget | Photographer: Yang Lu Photography | Venue: The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak  | DJ: Sandy Wedding Planner| Makeup: Beautify by Melanie | Cake: Cake Delight | Videographer: Ethan the Moment

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